About us

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Name: Fungi Utilities

Location: South Africa

Founded: 2019

Mission: To provide smart metering solutions that improve energy efficiency and reduce costs for customers.


  • Smart Metering

  • Energy Monitoring Systems

  • Energy & Financial Management Software

Market: Residential, Commercial, Industrial


  • Advanced technology for accurate energy monitoring

  • Integrated Customer Portal for accessing data

  • eWallet integration for funding of accounts

Employees: 20+

Fungi Utilities is a leading smart metering business which provides visibility and insights into your energy consumption which in turn empowers customer to manage their energy efficiency. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the company offers a wide range of products and services, including smart meters, energy monitoring systems, and energy management software in the Electricity, Water and Gas sectors. With a presence in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets, Fungi Utilities is well positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for smart metering solutions. The company's advanced technology, user-friendly software, and customizable solutions set it apart from its competitors, positioning Fungi Utilities as a leader in the smart metering industry.
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